In the early 1970´s,
Kent Armstrong got his start rewinding pickups in his father,
Dan Armstrong´s New York City repair shop.
Eventually, Kent took over the repair shop and added a partner:
pickup designer Bill Lawrence.

With Bill´s help, Kent continued his acuumulation of pickup knowledge,
and it was at this time that he started building his first pickups.

After moving to England to attend college,
Kent opened a rewind and repair shop and started designing new
ways to manufacture his own line of pickups. Today, Kent is one of the
foremost pickup designers in the industry.
He hand made or modified p-ups for many of the music world´s greatest stars -
including Pete Towshend, Jimmy Page, Brian May, Rory Gallagher...

Theoretical cooperation between Kent and Juraj Turza
started around 1974. Since 1990 started real production
of handmade pickups in Czechoslovakia under Kent Armstrong logo.
Kent supplied material and was used his unique handmade technology
and his designs of course. 
Manufacturing in Czechoslovakia reduced productions costs
and final prices were more adequate for East European musicians budget.
This was the main philosophy of those days.

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